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So I decided to make this before I started watching. Got a little carried away.

This post needs to have more notes!!!
So much truth in just one post.

“They like satan suspiciously much” 

Excuse u his name is Lucifer

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the world is over. this is it.

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“The Doctor is in Purgatory. We need to get him back.”

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Because every time I see someone on tumblr claim that the writers, the actors, and/or the network is homophobic simply because their ship isn’t canon, I want to hunt them down and punch them as HARD as I can. Supernatural has been nothing but supportive from the very beginning, and it pushes the envelope much farther than most shows. It was not originally nor was it ever intended to target a gay audience; it’s aimed at your average sci-fi [with a high percentage of female] demographic. So, with that in mind, the amount of support the gay community has received through this beautiful show since 2005 is amazing. And this gif set doesn’t even include all the references to the main characters being gay the show makes itself [I already made that gif set]. So, guys, kindly blow it out your ass. Nothing but love coming from this show, it deserves it right back.


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SAms reaction is like “Dean, now is not the time to make jokes….wait… shut up.”

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Rudy Hobbit always gets a pass.

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